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Women's Health Cambodia (WHC) is an NGO working in regional Cambodia with health centres and villages. Working with the Cambodian Department of Health, Women's Health Cambodia equips and staffs a network of regional health centres in and around Takeo, a town south of Phnom Penh.

Women's Health Cambodia has its administration costs covered by Australian couple Denise and Gary Love with the rest of the organisation's work funded by generous donors from all over the world.

Registered as a charity in 2011, Women's Health Cambodia is run by a team of local Cambodian midwives, providing prenatal care, general health services, midwifery birthing care as well as post natal care. In October 2011, the first ever postnatal home visits in the region took place with a WHC midwife visiting new mothers at home, driven there in a tuk tuk which was purchased with much-needed funds, donated by Australians.

WHC also works with a large "model village" of 172 families. With only two toilets to service 172 families, the number one issue for the village is TOILETS. It only costs $50 to build a composting toilet and the goal of the organisation is to provide each and every family with their own toilet. Having good sanitation will make an enormous difference to the health of these families, especially children under five years old who suffer terribly from dysentery and worms.

The village has several schools which are staffed and equipped by WHC as well as an orphanage of 40+ children which is currently in need of a volunteer live in manager and school teacher.

Recent floods in Cambodia have wiped out much of the 2011 rice harvest which is critical to the food supply of these families for the next 12 months. Donations to assist with food and in some cases, rebuilding shelters after the flood are urgently needed.

Supporting Cambodian women and their families to unlock their full potential.